Top 10 reasons to join the GTCC!

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1. Business Organization – As a member you will receive cooperation and assistance from the most capable businesses in the community.

2. Publicity and Exposure - Chamber members receive real exposure through our publications, directories, mixers and Web site listings.

3. New Business Contacts – One major reason to consider active participation with the Chamber is to meet and network new businesses.

4. Representation – The Chamber works as a voice for its members locally and internationally.

5. Referrals – The Chamber is a place where requests and business queries are sent for goods and services in the Grand Turk community, we send them directly to our members.

6. Involvement - Our members MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by working to improve the quality of life and business environment.

7. New Customers – We support industries and businesses that bring people, employment and a better economy to Grand Turk.

8. Resources and Assistance – We maintain information and statistics that are shared with individuals interested in promoting business in Grand Turk.

9. Buy Locally – As a chamber we try to keep the money flowing within the community and make those dollars work for our community.

10. Informed Members – We keep our members informed about any and all regional and national issues, either by media articles, newspapers, personal visits, meetings and events.

Turks & Caicos Business Guide 2014

Turks & Caicos Business Guide 2014

The Turks & Caicos Business Guide 2014 | downloadable pdf

At A Glance

Population - 31,458
Language - English
Currency - The US dollar is the official currency of TCI. Most hotels, restaurants and taxi services accept traveler's cheques, which can be cashed at local banks. Most credit cards are accepted and banks offer ATM's as well as cash advances on credit cards.
Time Zone - Eastern Standard Time | Daylight Savings Time is observed from April to November
Climate - the average temperature ranges between 85 - 90 degrees (29-32 C) from June to Oct. From Nov to May average temperature is 80-84 degrees (27-29 C)
Water temperature is 82-84 in summer and 74-78 in winter

TCI Hospitality Camps for Youths from ages 12-18

TCI Hospitality Camps for Youths from ages 12-18

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Providenciales Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 361
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI
Graceway House, Leeward Highway, Unit B203
Tues and Thurs 10am-1pm
Phone: 649-332-6418
Grand Turk Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 148
Grand Turk
Turks & Caicos Islands
British West Indies
Phone: 649-332-6418
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